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Jacs takeover: Chat with Ryan Williams

Discussion about: Laughing therapy Sleep best practice Values, work stress and happiness The importance of routine Showing up for yourself Difficult people

Jacs takeover: Chat with Paul Rimmer

Ph.D. Paul Rimmer is the head of nutrition at trtle.com

Jacs Takeover: Chat with Dean Leak

Chat with Trtle.com mindset coach Dean Leak.

Jacs Takeover #1: Chat with Scott

Hi, I'm Jacs and I'm a Trtle member taking over this podcast this week! I'm interviewing the coaches of Trtle with questions from the community.

Not sleeping much? Check these studies out

Studies on the impact of sleep on our lives.

200th Episode! The Most Thought-Provoking Ep to Date!

A physicist, biologist, psychiatrist, and clear thinking non-conditioned man have a chat about the mind.

Are you the sum of the 5 closest to you? What "diet" is the best?

Today I discuss two important studies. One that shows the impact of our circle on us and the other reveals the truth behind a diet of unprocessed and ultra-processed foods.

Channel 5's ridiculous program on Sugar by Dr Amir Khan

Just because he has the Dr title doesn't mean what he's saying is based on science. Shock, I know, but even Dr's fall into the ego trap and want fame and attention and there's no better way to get that by demonising our old friend Sugar for the 100th time and trying to force a verdict that just isn't there.

The Last One of the Year

Advice to my 16 year old self

Wisdom picked up from a chat with Louise

The power of 5 weeks focusing on strength

Weight gain over Christmas: Study