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3 studies: Sleep, parties, strength

A key ingredient for change

Does curiosity actually lead to change especially for your health and wellness? Listen to this episode about a study at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the Un...

Why strength train and start your day with 1 tiny habit

A must-listen replay pod on reasons why we should strength train + snippets from Tiny Habits and 1 new 3 second habit we should all start our day with.

Don't Major in Minor Things: Lifestyle vs Diet Research

This a must-listen replay pod about a study on lifestyle vs diet. Why is moderation better than an "all or nothing" approach? Find it out by listening to this episode.

Weight worry & eating personalities

Eating personality quiz - This episode is about the importance of collecting data such as weight, measurements, and pho...

FAQs from the community

This episode is all about the frequently asked questions from our members and our simple answers to them to give you all the clarity you need to achieve your goals, wh...

3 Studies: stress, eating, goals

This episode is all about 3 studies related to emotional eating, stress, and goal setting.

Women eat differently to men?

This episode is all about the differences between men and women when it comes to eating. Furthermore, psychological aspects of eating and how to control urges and feel...

What are you transforming into?

The episode discusses integrating a lifestyle into the reality of the world. In addition, the importance of being mindful and aware of our decisions.

Energy availability - what is it?

How Stress can Hurt Women's Health

This replay episode discusses how stress affects women's health and how to manage it efficiently.

Is Anxiety our Friend?

A replay of a past episode that is all about anxiety and also how members of Turtle have achieved success in terms of fitness, nutrition, and mental health. It highlig...

Success Stories and what we can learn from them

A replay of a past episode that is all about past success stories that you can learn and apply to your life.

Emotional Eating Research

Replay of a past episode, but an important one to revisit.

How Quickly can you Lose Muscle?

This episode discusses the importance of muscle retention and building muscle mass for physical and mental health. It explores the research on how quickly muscle mass ...

The history of dieting (crazy!)

This podcast discussed the crazy history of dieting from 5000 BC until the 1950s.

Experimenting & Being Flexible with food

This episode discusses the importance of having an experimental mindset when it comes to nutrition and dieting.

How can we address our self-image issues?

People often think they need to lose weight to be happy, but they are still not fulfilled even when they reach their weight loss goal. It is possible to be happy witho...

66% of the UK is Overweight or Obese

why? what can we do about this? Why are poorer areas far higher in overweight people than richer areas?

Calories are nonsense? Gut is everything?

Tim Spector and Steven Bartlett's podcasts discussed the role of the gut in mental health, fat loss and general health. This is my review on their chat, backed by r...

Carbs in 2023 - latest research

This episode discusses carbs and fats and their role in nutrition and optimizing performance. It discusses carbohydrates' role as an energy source and the importance o...

What's "good enough"?

This episode discusses the importance of having a mindset of "that'll do" when it comes to fat loss, nutrition, and health. It is important not to take things too seri...

Starting 2023 the right way

This episode is about how to start the new year off right and stay on track with health and fitness goals. It encourages people to take small steps each day and to be ...

Final Podcast of the Year

Weight loss comes down to this

This episode discusses the results of a Slimming World Club survey, which found that the most difficult aspects of trying to lose weight are healthy food, motivation f...

Sticking to a Fitness Plan as a Mami

Changes to macros - new ideas

Mindset needed for the final week

How to Handle the Festive Season with Ease

Studies you need to know so you can handle the festive season with ease!

Letting Go of Scale Obsession Ft. Hannah

How to stop obsessing over the scale and learn wise advice from our long-time member, Hannah.

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