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Challenge day 26

A Replay Podcast about How to Handle the Festive Season with Ease

Challenge day 25

Challenge day 24

Challenge day 23

A replay podcast on Study on Weight Gain over Christmas

Challenge day 22

A replay podcast on How to become a better & more resilient person

Challenge day 19

A Replay Podcast about Getting Ready for the Festive onslaught of Food and Drink

Challenge day 18

Challenge day 17

Challenge day 16

Challenge day 15

Challenge day 12

Challenge day 11

Talk by Massimo Pigliucci on Stoicism. Its brilliant. 

Challenge day 10

Audio from the video for our discussion club chat later. 

Challenge day 9

Challenge day 8

Challenge day 5

Challenge Day 4

Challenge Day 3

Challenge Day 2

Challenge Day 1

Xmas challenge + new snacks study

Genetics and Exercise

A replay podcast about who wins- Genetics or Exercise?

Turtle Method vs Slimming Clubs

Perfection is Ruining You

A Replay Podcast about trying to be perfect is ruining you.

Dealing with Emotional Moments

A Replay Podcast about stop demanding, it does NOT deserve you.

Are You Feeling Out of Control?

What is your Fault?

Expect the Worst, Hope for the Best

Failing with Lifestyle Changes

Taking Things Personally

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